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taeOne - A Nocturne (2011)

2.Things Done Changed
3.Doin it
4.A Nocturne
5.The Omen
7.Bells of Doom
8.Rap, For Real
9.In the Park
10.The Breaks
14.The Masta
15.Midnight Express
16.I Hate the Sun (ft The Master)
18.Last Night

taeOne - Midnight (2009)

1. Who It Is ft. Midnight Specialists

2. Get Busy ft.

3. Moment of Silence

4. Preach it to the Choir

5. Ovaltine

6. Emotionless ft. Clipse

7. To the Stage ft. Big L

8. Spaceships ft. Andre 3000

9. Can’t Stop ft. AZ

10. Liquor Stores & Whorehouses

11. Abserd ft. LEX

12. Anabolic ft. Midnight Specialists

13. Sweet ft. Jay Z

Midnight Specialists - the All Nighter (produced by taeOne) (2010)

01 Intro
02 The First Hit (dusk)
03 Get Busy
04 Who It Is
05 The All Nighter
06 Mushmouth
07 I’m Doin It (produced by The Master)
08 What Do We Have Here
09 Dutches and Phillies Remix (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Lex, Amen)
10 The Ills
11 Look! It’s Shadow (produced by Suede Jury)
12 Anabolic
13 Six Feet Deep part II
14 The Ride Home (dawn)